HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENT Limited Liability Company "DonTerminal" was registered by the State Registration Chamber of the Ministry of Justice on October 31, 2001 It is this date is considered to be the starting point of a long way from the "site in the open field to the high-tech oil transshipment complex" and this date is the day of birth of the terminal.


Construction of this oil transshipment complex was determined by objective necessity. First, the logistics need for year-round oil flow from the European part of Russia through the Azov-Don basin in the Black Sea, and secondly, the attraction of foreign investment in the development of the region, creating a large amount of jobs. September 25, 2002 of the co-founders of the company entered the Committee of Property Relations of the Azov district of Rostov region.  
С 2002 to 2007 was carried out the design and construction of the terminal.
2007 г. – put into operation.
30 october 2007 –It shipped the first tanker.
5  июня 2010  - transshipped 1 million. tons of oil products (Т/х «Жерех»)
31 october 2011 г. – 10 year of our company.
11.06.2012 г. – transshipped 2 million. tons of oil products (Т/х «Каспиан Стрим») 
09.06.2014 г. - transshipped 3 million. tons of oil products (Т/х "Механик Харитонов")
Currently, the company is preparing to implement the project of large-scale expansion, investment of about 15 million. US dollars. 
Modernization includes:
• increasing the tank farm for the storage of dark oil products to 42 thousand. cubic meters of light and mated to 8 ths. tons.
drain extension of platforms to 24 units simultaneously draining of fuel oil and the construction of a separate ESTA Kady to sink up to 10 diesel tanks
significant changes in the traveling terminal sector
modernization of fire safety systems, energy.
All this together between 2012 and 2015 will allow
the volume of cargo transshipped more than doubled to reach a total volume of all petroleum numbers 1.5 million. tons per year. In the modern, dynamically developing competitive services market for oil products is the development of the terminal is not only very important, but simply a necessary and economically reasonable.