The terminal is located in the seaport city of Azov (branch of the & laquo; Taganrog sea port & raquo;), and is located in the lower reaches of the river. Don (13 km from the mouth), stands on the line of the 9th international transport corridor movement of goods from north to south. The convenient geographical location allows for year-round transshipment of dark and light oil products coming from the interior of the country by rail on the court & nbsp; such as "river-sea" for the delivery of the European part of the Russian Federation through the Azov-Don basin in the Black Sea for domestic partners and overseas.




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When planning our handling pays special attention to the coordination with the customer shipping schedules and export cargo in order to optimize revenue petroleum storage tanker cargo and export cargo tankers at the lowest possible downtime of the rolling stock and the associated costs. Flexible scheduling allows you to quickly make changes to schedules, taking into account the customer's needs.

Receiving cargo terminal transshipment by rail to the train station Azov СКЖД.
Delivery of petroleum products to the destination station Azov is made by the customer in tank cars equipped with bottom discharge device, after which the wagon are supplied to the path of non-public company DonTerminal (By the lessee) for subsequent discharge.

The temperature of discharge in the warm season is:
• dark oil products to 48 tank Wagon per day,
 Light oil products to 48 tank Wagon per day

в cold weather
 dark petroleum products 30 tank Wagon per day,
Light oil products to 48 tank Wagon per day

To avoid downtime of railway transport on the roads of general use, the planning of transport should proceed from the necessity of uniform admission of cars at the station. Azov СКЖД no more than 30-35 wagons per day, or 1 route (46-48 wagons) a day (with a uniform supply of tankers, the smooth operation of the carrier).

Storage  cargo at the terminal is carried out only for the purpose of storage tanker party. The period of storage required for the storage tanker party is normative and is included in the shipment cost. 
Additional (above-norm) storage of petroleum products in the shipment cost is not included and must be paid separately.
Tanker shipments from the ship's rainfall ranges from 3000 to 6500 tons.

Cargo pick-up from the terminal is carried out by vessels of "river-sea".
Loading tankers carried out year-round, day and night, under normal weather conditions and permit administration of the port of Azov Sea.
For loading has 1 mooring bollards type, equipped with standers for loading of fuel oil and diesel fuel at the same time serving the 1 vessel.
Berthing only in the daytime with tug escort.

Loading Temperature
• Mazut М-100 – upto 100,000 м3
• Diesel Oil – 100,000 м3

The average time a tanker loading (Tankers batch 10000 м3 ) – 24 hours.

The calculation of the lay time  - in accordance with the rules and regulation of the port (berth №34 LLC DonTerminal) contract.